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Kath seeks out the most innovative product lines such as It&ly hair color, Pureology and Rusk.

Not everyone has the same hair texture, so Kath understands that a perm solution is not 'one size fits all'. Perms are available in a variety of formulations to deliver just the right amount of curling power to your hair.

Design Perm
Personalized permanent wave $70.00
With haircut $110.00

Spiral Perm $85.00

Spiral wrap
Longer hair priced upon consultation  $75.00 up

Partial Perm
Spot perm only in a section, usually on the top $55.00

Nexture Wave
Semi-permanent restructuring that gently washes out in 20-25 washings. Designed to give movement and body to the hair. $70.00

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